BKF-FI : Solutions of Business Intelligence in west Africa and beyond

Business Intelligence in West Africa

In the heart of west Africa, BKF-FI opens its network's doors for all of your need in Intelligence or verification for your business in west Africa et even beyond. Enter new markets !

With our important relationship network in west africa (and even in numerous other countries as Madagascar), the company is your point of contact to reach any piece of intelligence you need for your business (including Due Diligence) or to be connected with experts or partners you need in most of the west african countries and even beyond.



Examples of requests that have lead to a solution:

- Looking for market and buyers in Burkina Faso for a german group (Industrial equipment)

- Verifying legal existence of companies in Ivory Coast and Gabon;

- Looking for business partners through "reciprocal anonymity" between France and Burkina Faso (Sector of security)

- Connecting Australia and Togo for business (Raw material Importation);

- Marketing study project for products implantation in various west african countries;

- Verifying of real estate destination in Ivory Coast ;

- Solution to verify the authenticity of administrative documents in Ivory Coast;

- VIP relationship in West africa and central Africa;

- Genealogy Researches;

- Solution for verification of civil status (Madagascar)

- Researches of very high added value in the gaz and oil sector (Southern Africa)

- Etc.

Whatever your need is, simple or complex, strategic or tactical, our company will bring you the best solution to meet the intelligence you request for your business.


Tell us what your need is.

Contact Richard Yoni - Tel +226 70 28 41 74 or u François CARLE Tel +226 77 39 75 66 mail at

Absolute guarantee of confidentiality - Prior estimate and contract before any of our service.

N.B.: Our estimates are used to be completely free except for complex cases that require specific costs, otherwise deductible of our final invoice.




Nota: the annual growth rate of GDP in Burkina since 2010 is between 5 and 8% about, 10% government target, and is the highest rate of economic and monetary union area of West Africa (UEMOA) . This is the right time to expand your business !


The new West African Railway ring will link 7 Countries at the end of 2020:

Newly constructed railway tracks will join up with existing tracks in West Africa to form a gigantic, 3000-kilometer railway ring linking seven countries with completion planned for the end of 2020 (with the rehabilitation works of the existing tracks) Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo)

Mineral exports are a major economic driver of nations such as Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Niger, and are predicted to rise from 109,000 tons a year to 3.4 million tons a year by 2030. The transit and prices of any other goods should take advantage of this such new network.


Ivory Coast: A dry port to serve Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

 581 kilometers far in the north from d’Abidjan, Ivory Coast is preparing its project to create a dry port in Ferkessedougou. It will be a hub to connect the Abidjan harbour to Burkina Faso, Mali et Niger.