BKF-FI : Areas of expertise and services


The firm produces intelligence after the implementation of information research process through Open Sources or through its network of influences and relationships

Business Intelligence / Support and lobbying in Burkina Faso:

The firm is specialized in the implementation of a consulting approach, support and lobbying for all your business needs and information of all kinds in Burkina Faso

  • Burkina Faso [and Mali] are two favorite countries for all of our consulting, support and lobbying activities for the development of your business or your establishment
  • The contact and public relations with V.I.P. or influent decision makers
  • Research of partners, reliable distributors of your products
  • Administrative, legislative, legal constraints etc.
  • Monitoring of ongoing proceedings
  • Settlements, building searches, wharehouse, rentals (incl. a dwelling house), logistics solutions
  • International tenders
  • Monitoring of your distributors
  • Operational support of your company for the successful development of your business in Burkina Faso for any of your expectations


Business Intelligence / Competitive Intelligence / West Africa and +:

With our very important relational network, we are a major and identified actor for the research of intelligence "of all kinds", research of partners or correspondents for West African countries and beyond in many African countries.

  • We are naturally geographically fully well located to meet the needs within the countries of West Africa (Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon etc ...) and beyond (Madagascar, Sudan etc). Contact us.
  • We receive the most diverse & of all kinds, simple or complex requests, such examples, verification of administrative documents, visit of buildings for inheritage, genealogies or marital status, searches for business partners and distributors for your products, contact with VIP, looking for customers, marketing or web marketing support, shaping of a local strategy, strategic risk assessment, intelligence for due diligence purpose, etc.
  • We provide solution or answers for the most complex or critical requests such as strategic needs for top level business intelligence with the best guaranty of confidentiality (Non Disclosure Agreement). Please consult us.


Researches : Open Sources intelligence (Osint) / All countries / Any languages:

Looking for the pieces of information and documentation as a human and automatised skill of our firm is the first source of any applied business intelligence process

  • Information search tasks - for any country (anglo-european languages first plus assistance of natives for any other languages such as chinese -  so as to meet the needs of strategic or operational documentation for best business development. The firm expertise is to detect the analyse the weak signals to replace them into the customer problematic perspective.
  • Web watches and monitoring including social networks. Converging ressources between specific redundant monitoring  softwares,  semi automated queries and manuel researches for a perfect overview.
  • According to our customer needs and the nature of some aspects of the intelligence to collect, our office will propose to add the services of private investigators if needed or any other useful partner  or expert. An important worldwide network of private investigators are identified and known by our company and are actors on numerous international files we deal with.


Investigations via BKF-FI [France]:

  • BKF-FI [France] in the person of its founder François Carle, is a research firm approved by the State (CNAPS) in France to conduct any private research activities;
  • We also have a network of partners or peers identified and proven in France and in many countries to cover a large research of applied intelligence for the defense of your interests.
  • We work on own assignments or subcontracting on behalf of renowned research or intelligence firms; our references (which we forbid ourselves to communicate) or clients discreetly serve our good reputation...
  • Confidentiality and total discretion are the core values ​​of the company.


Storage of intelligence :

  • Local or distant databases on server with (free) Php / MySql environment  or with Access
  • Frequently built to support the analytical process of intelligence or for specific purpose required by our customers (Ex: Struggle against counterfeiting)


Analysis of Intelligence :

  • Visual analysis : Professional charting of relational information (usually known as "crime analysis" or "anacrim" in the Law inforcement sector ) Our company is a recognized and renowned expert in this scarce technicity.
  • Content analysis (text-mining)
  • Multi criteria data analysis for complex inter-linked data (Mathematical multi-variables analysis ACP / AFC / AFD) including analysis of series of textual qualitative contents (speciality of our office)


Communication & dissemination of intelligence :

  • Production of websites as "a whole package" in particular for dynamic specifications for SME's
  • Development of modules of applications or underlying functionalities for websites to support the marketing, the analysis, the stats, or any back-office specific needs
  • Webhosting of our customers websites or their distant database with interfacing facilities and convenient remote queries (allows data offshoring without any constraint)
  • Training or conferences of our expertises and know-how, including in universities.