BKF-FI : Your consultant for lobbying in Burkina Faso

Your partner for development and lobbying in Burkina Faso

BKF-FI advises and guides the development of your business with confidence and security in Burkina Faso.

Setting up or relocating in a foreign country, bidding to international markets, or to identify the right agents and partners for your business, deserves special attention especially in a context where it is difficult to find the right actor who will bring you good answers to questions you ask for, or will direct you to the right people or services.



You wish to:

- Set up in Burkina Faso or sell your products in Burkina Faso

- Bid for international tenders;

- Identify reliable partners before engaging in business;

- Get specific information on legislation, taxation, accounting obligations, administrative, customs etc.;

- Have a regular monitoring and reporting of your files and your administrative procedures;

- Conduct a specific study environment (market, competition, constraints, opportunities ...) for your business;

- Identify and meet or "touch" the public actors and / or the private ones, useful for your business;

- Any need of a very specific services, such as arrange a secure (temporary or permanent) storage of a batch or container or manage a safe transport (etc.);

- Find a solution to a particular need for your location or mission (premises, accommodation, accommodation, vehicles, people resources ...);

- Or simply be re-directed to the right people in public relations;

- Or in general, be your business partner in Burkina for any intelligence your would need.


Nota: the annual growth rate of GDP in Burkina since 2010 is between 5 and 8% about, 10% government target, and is the highest rate of economic and monetary union area of West Africa (UEMOA) . This is the right time to expand your business !


BKF-FI your partner to answer to any need in intelligence in BURKINA FASO:

Send us what you expect and your project we will find the right solution.

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Absolute confidentiality - Prior quotation and contract for any of our services.

N.B.: Our estimates are used to be completely free except for complex cases that require specific costs, otherwise deductible of our final invoice.