BKF-FI : About us - Who are we?

Who are we ?

Richard YONI - Dirigeant co-fondateur de BKF-FI [BURKINA]Richard YONI, 61 years old, ex-manager of the company, is administrator and coordinator of the activities of our firm with a Master's degree in Classics from the Ouagadougou university (Burkina Faso), has been experienced for 17 years in Education, communication and training. His different experiences as manager of an Education and training center, soon after as teacher in Communication in a High School, and also as Director in an international company of services, give him the central part for administration and coordination of the tasks of the joint undertaking. Richard with his very wide relational network in every west african country, takes into account with his associate every request from our clients for the west Africa area and conducts the activities of lobbying and public relations in the Burkina Faso, and the implementation of any training or conference duty in Africa.




François CARLE - Dirigeant de BKF-FI[FRANCE] co-fondateur de BKF-FI [BURKINA]François CARLE 59 years old, is analyst as much from his prime Education (Marketing analyst graduated [Master's degree] from the CELSA - University of Paris IV-Sorbonne, and bachelor in english and in economics) than from his experiences (20 years to serve Crime analysis within a public french central Intelligence service) is certified from the NCIS (London - renamed NCA) for operational analysis and  EUROPOL (the Hague) for strategic analysis.

He is a professional in analysis and management of Intelligence and data, researches, valuation of rough pieces of information of any kind and shape through Information Technlology

Renowned trainer in Crime Analysis for twenty years as much in France as overseas with as analyst numerous operational  assignments (sometimes very sensitive or secret) on behalf of the EEC and the UNO, François remains a lecturer for the Master 2 of financial crime analysis in the Ecole de Management de Strasbourg (University Robert Schuman) and for Applied Business Intelligence in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Master  (University PARIS XI)

Founder of the FF-informatik office in february 2010 he decided to create BKF-FRANCE INFORMATIK with his partner Richard YONI in the BURKINA FASO in 2014 to face the development of the competitive intelligence activities in Africa. François lives both in France and in Ouagadougou, is in charge of the development of the firm in Europe, and takes personally into account any assignment for the most complex tasks of our customers


On January 1, 2018, the company was split into two twins and associated firms to meet the representation ans mission needs in Europe and Africa: BKF-FI [Burkina] headed by Richard YONI and BKF-FI [France] led by François CARLE registered as a private investigator officially registered with the French Ministry of the Interior

Further, the firm is also supported by binomials analysts in Madagascar (trained by François Carle in 2004), and has the benefit of a large network of partners, experts, specialists, Investigators firms (in France, Europe-wide and in numerous countries in the world) to meet the success of the most complex assignments


Ying ZHANG GIROUD experte linguistique en chinois pour BKF-FIYing ZHANG GIROUD, 31 y.o. (pic on the left), has joined our office for 2016 as our favorite partner for her linguistic expertise in chinese strongly required for numerous affairs that BKF-FI has to deal.

Ying ZHANG GIROUD experte linguistique en chinois pour BKF-FIYing is a translator and an interpreter sworn by the Court of Appeal of Riom (France) . She is used to work as legal and linguistic expert ( French -English- Chinese) in different sectors : luxury, import-export, law , cosmetics, marketing , art, etc. She provides services to international companies : sworn or unsworn translation , consulting, sourcing and training . + info