BKF-FI : Business opportunities


Tyres market / Introducing a wholesale exporter in Burkina Faso:

Business opportunity in tyres via BKF-FI (Burkina Faso)BKF-FRANCE INFORMATIK offers the opportunity to introduce ex-nihilo a wholesaler in tyres into the Burkina Faso market with presently :  

a/ Identified buyer: A major burkinabe industrial group : market renewed every 8 months for trucks and 4*4 tyres, premium category, waiting for an offer;

b/ Identified buyer: A road carrier (30 lorries), looking for excellent value/price tyres, waiting for an offer;

c/ Identified Prospect : Privileged relationship with an important motor coach company, company to contact as soon as possible.

Numerous other possible buyers or prospects, in Burkina Faso and in other bordering countries with the support of our company


  • For the a and b opportunities, our office has a preliminary list of tyres for a prior quotation on the basis of a full container that will be addressed to the requesting buyers.
  • These opportunities are recurrent and require from the company tenderer a real will to develop its business durably in this market;
  • The tenders coming from salesmen presenting batches can not be taken into account;
  • The language environment is french, but any application coming from any country is valid, our office will make the useful transcription.

Terms of reference:

Option A: Direct contact to the buyers or identified prospect (without any exclusivity) without any intercession of our office.

Option B: Support of your company on all relevant aspects until the first order:

  • Presentation of your offer to decision buyer and prescribers, and feed-back
  • We support the negociation until the first order
  • Possibility to meet physically the buyers or prospects at any time for you

Option C: Complementary services we can provide :

  • Prospection of new potential customers in Burkina Faso and other bordering countries
  • Possibility to set up a permanent storage point of your tyres in Burkina Faso and to organize the distribution from it securely
  • Possibility to set up a sale force for your account and manage it for you.

Our company is paid for its  provided services on the basis of fixed and no commissioned fees, or packaged fees, or on the basis of time to spend, plus the technical charges, with prior estimate made accordingly to your selected options and desiderata.

Our company will never be buyer of tyres, we only provide Business Intelligence and we invoice any of the services we serve on behalf of the development of your business.