Audits, researches, inquiries and investigations in Ivory Coast

A word on Abidjan

Ivory Coast is with Nigeria, the most developed country in West Africa, even if it is necessary tobring contrast according to geographical areas. In practice it is the region of Abidjan, in fact grouping 10 municipalities that is the center of the country or all (the virtual-like administrative capital is Yamoussoukro). Abidjan marks the spirits by this impression of a modern city bubbling in the West mixing the French atmosphere (former colony), Anglo-Saxon and of course African whose insolence of the great fortunes and successes strike the visitor, a sort of islands of wealth in the middle of a poor and precarious ocean (Cf the bay of the billionaires on the lagoon). Abidjan is also the city of celebration, considered to be the most festive city in the whole Africa. Money, Business are at the heart of all concerns ... In fact, the city is famous for its "brouteurs", crooks of the net, organized as in business, with little ones taught by experts with "a business manager " above. One goal: To extort as much money as quickly as possible from the victims by all possible means with the internet to go and burn in the night clubs ...

Investigations of all kinds, simple or complex

Ivory Coast is at our door, we stay there very easily and regularly for professional or personal reasons and we have many relationships there, and we can rely on a wise network to progress in our research.

The requests that we receive are of all natures and all complexities and there are a priori no fields impossible to investigate. We can nevertheless list the following requests

For companies, professionnals:

  • Checks of administrative documents, parentage, heirs (former French colony)
  • Various complex investigations
  • Verification of the materiality of the facts of damage (especially for insurance companies)
  • Control and monitoring of distribution networks (compliance with concession terms)
  • Research into counterfeitings (especially perfumes, alcohols), all luxury exists in false
  • Valuation of assets, including building verification, especially for estates (former French colony)
  • All support elements of Due Diligence, including the reputation, links and networks of the company and its leaders
  • Recommendation of business lawyer working with us
  • Etc.

For particulars:

  • Morality research and discreet checks before union or marriage
  • Search for missing persons, voluntarily or not, research in the interest of families
  • Special field investigations using elements from your file
  • Recommendation of lawyer working with us
  • Etc.

Requests come from companies, law firms, genealogy firms or other investigation firms mandated by their clients such as typically insurance companies which carry out research for all large claimses

Missing persons searches : Sometimes we are asked to find missing persons in Africa, [knowing that Searches Officials in the interest of families (R.I.F.) no longer exist in France] . Only the searches carried out in the case of suspect disappearances still exist. But even in this context, if the person left France for take refuge somewhere in Africa, no authority will continue to look for it and the investigation would fall into disuse, except us ...

Do not hesitate to consult us for the assessment of your needs - from the simplest to the most complex issue- as well as the quotation of the service and until reaching an agreement of action and fees


Free quotation and agreement of fees before any action

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, in total discretion, whatever the subject of your request we will carry out an assessment together of all aspects of your need

Our quotes are generally completely free except when in complex cases they must generate special production costs otherwise deductible from the final billing

All our field research and investigations are deemed to start from Burkina Faso and not from Europe; a considerable cost advantage