BKF-FI : Investigations and enquiries in Africa


The firm has a regular activity of research, investigation and investigation in Africa.

We have a large network in different African countries to open the doors and we move on the ground whenever necessary to undertake or supervise research.

The requests that we receive are of all natures and all complexities and on any country, regularly of course on West Africa or Equatorial Africa such as Cameroon and come from companies, firms of lawyers or other investigative firms mainly.

BKF-FI [France] in the person of its founder François CARLE is approved by the State in France (Ministry of the Interior - CNAPS) which allows him to take into account any request from Europe in a legal framework and secure.

BKF-FI [Burkina] in the person of Richard YONI since Bobo-Dioulasso and / or François CARLE since Ouagadougou participate in the implementation of the file from the first hour without loss of time.
This mode of operation makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of international searches that are known to start from Burkina Faso and not from Europe; a considerable advantage

Do not hesitate to consult us for the evaluation of your needs - from the simplest to the most complex - as well as the quotation of the service until reaching an agreement of action and fees.

NB: Our quotations are generally completely free except when in complex cases they must generate specific production costs otherwise deductible from the final billing.